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Barkisland School Association


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Just what is the BSA all about?


The BSA (Barkisland School Association), known in most other schools as a PTA (Parent and Teachers Association) is in essence a charity whose sole purpose is to raise funds for the school.

The BSA Committee is made up of parents of pupils at Barkisland school along with representation from the teaching staff and the school’s governors. Their aim is to provide the school with provision of funds/facilities that will enhance the education of its pupils but which would not normally be funded by the local authority. This is generally achieved by different ways of fundraising.


Over the years the BSA have organised various events/activities that have contributed to the raising of funds, some more successful than others. They range from adult themed nights:- Abba night, Race night, Deal or No Deal, Medieval/Indian nights to family events such as the very successful annual 'X Factor' and magic shows, along with shopping nights and school discos. The Committee are always thinking up of different ways to make raise funds and are very open to new ideas. Many items purchased over the last few years have made a real difference to the children at Barkisland School.


In order for the BSA to continue providing the school with the 'wish list' items it needs to purchase, it is vital that fundraising events arranged throughout the year at school are supported.


The newsletter gives regular information about forthcoming events. Please support them to enable us to continue supporting our children's education.

















Want to support our school at the same time as doing your shopping?


Don't forget whenever you shop, book hotels or make travel arrangements online you can do it through Easyfundraising.org.


Add easysearch to your favourites, and every time you do a search on the internet school will benefit. 


It's an easy and painless way of helping us to raise funds. Thank you!

The 100 Club

The Barkisland School Association runs a monthly draw (100 Club) that manages to give out £500 in prize money every year, whilst an even greater amount (usually over £600 each year) is given to be spent in school.

Each September, ‘numbers’ become available for ownership and for a modest subscription of £1 per month (or £1 per month for each ball you would like to have), you could win a monthly cash prize of £20. Two prizes of £100 and one of £60 are also drawn this year!


 Subscription is £12 annually, per ball.


If you would like to join in this fundraiser for school from September of this year, please contact the 100 Club Treasurer through the school office.


Numbers for the draw will be issued on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

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